Perfect Pour Academy

Perfect Pour Academy 

At LUKR, we believe that brewing great beer is only part of the success. The brewmaster brews the beer, but the tapster makes it. We see the craft and art of beer tapping as an integral part of Czech beer culture. Our goal is to preserve, develop, and spread this craft so that there are as many places as possible in the world where you can get perfectly poured draft beer.

That’s why we have established the “Perfect Pour Academy” – a training center where we teach professionals and enthusiasts from both home and abroad how to properly care for the tap system, from the cellar to the tap handle, and how to pour a perfect Hladinka (Smooth Pour), Šnyt, or Mlíko (Milk Pour).

Beer Tapping Courses

We offer several levels of beer tapping courses. From experiential parties for a group of friends or colleagues to a 3-day intensive course for professionals. 


Ondřej Rozsypal
LUKR head tapster

Ondřej is a former successful sports shooter originally from Ostrava. After moving to Pilsen, the beer capital, he fell in love with its charm and has been dedicated to the art of beer tapping since 2015.

With determination and diligence carried over from his sports background, Ondřej quickly excelled and became the head tapster at the renowned Pilsner pub “Lékárna.” In 2019, he successfully passed the exam to become a sanitation technician, taking charge of beer quality from the cellar to the glass at “Lékárna.” His ambition to become the best tapster led him to the Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender competition, where he reached the finals three times before finally winning the prestigious title of Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender in 2022.

Ondřej believes that every beer deserves perfect care, and thus, he has decided to share his experiences in our Perfect Pour Academy. His goal is to spread the knowledge so that places offering perfectly poured beer can be found all around the world.