LUKR CZ is a leading Czech company specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality draught technology for the beer industry. With a strong commitment to preserving the rich tradition of Czech beer culture, LUKR CZ provides innovative and reliable solutions for breweries, bars, and restaurants worldwide. Their expertise lies in the production of top-notch beer taps, dispensing systems, and cellar equipment, ensuring that every pour is a perfect one. LUKR CZ is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and a true taste of Czech beer excellence.

Beer tanks

Beer tanks represent a groundbreaking solution for the distribution and sale of draft beer, enabling breweries to deliver their product to consumers while maintaining its original quality. These tanks significantly reduce quality losses resulting from transportation, storage, and connection to the beer line at the point of sale.


The heart of every pub or restaurant is the tap counter or bar, which is dominated by the beer tower.
LUKR CZ is a renowned manufacturer of traditional Old Czech beer towers that create a unique atmosphere of “good old times” and contribute to a pleasant and friendly environment in any establishment where they are installed.


The final touch is crucial – and this applies to the journey of beer from the brewer to the consumer.

The beer tap is the last point of the beer’s path into the glass. It deserves the same attention and meticulousness as the rest of the entire beverage journey.


The draft beer tank system provides a remarkable advantage by preventing the beer from coming into contact with air or other gases, thereby preserving its freshness and flavor. This is made possible through the utilization of disposable beer bags, which are inserted into the tank prior to filling it with beer from the transportation tank. This system is commonly known as the “bag-in-tank” approach.