LUKR CZ a.s.

Since its foundation in 1991, LUKR CZ a.s. has been focusing on the development, manufacture, and installation of integrated solutions of beer storage and serving. It focuses primarily on the development, construction design, and manufacture of beer tanks and bags for the bag-in-tank system; apart from that it also produces traditional Old Bohemian beer towers and taps based on its own patented patterns and beer line cleaning and sanitizing consumables, such as concentrated detergents and sanitizing agents. For all its products, LUKR CZ also provides installation and service works.

Products and services

Beer tanks

Beer tanks are a revolutionary solution in the distribution and sale of draught beer. They allow breweries to get their product to the end consumer in the quality in which it was produced. They minimize quality losses due to transportation, storage and connecting to the beer line at the point of sale.

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Beer tanks LUKR CZ

Beer towers

The heart of every pub or restaurant is the bar, dominated by the beer tower.

LUKR CZ is a renowned producer of traditional Old Czech beer towers that puts the finishing touch on the cosy and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant where they are installed by the hint of the “good ol’ days” in their look.

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Beer towers LUKR CZ

Beer taps

The crown of every job is its finish – and this is true also for the journey of beer from the brewer to the consumer.

The tap is the last part of the beer line on the way to the glass. Therefore, it would be ungrateful not to pay the same attention and care to it as to the rest of the beer line.

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Beer taps LUKR CZ

Beer bags

The greatest advantage of the tank system of drawing beer is that the beer does not come in contact with air or any other gases and therefore does not go stale and remains fresh. This is achieved by using disposable beer bags inserted into the tank before pumping the beer from the tank truck.

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Beer bags LUKR CZ

Detergents and sanitizing agents

The cleanliness of the beverage distribution system in the restaurant (so-called beer lines) and the serving glass is a crucial factor for the quality of the beer served.

Therefore, LUKR CZ a.s. has started its own cleaning and sanitizing agents for beer gastronomy.

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Čistící prostředky LUKR CZ

Support from the European Union


Presently, we are preparing a modernization of the production of our double-jacket tanks. We are planning to purchase new welding automats using the PLASMA welding techniology. The aim of the project is to implement such a welding method (especially for welding the outer jacket of the beer tanks) that is capable of providing high-quality welds as well as the possibility of surface treatment. The demand for tanks featuring these options has been growing lately, especially in foreign markets. The project is co-funded by the European Union.


On November 10th to 12th 2015, we participated in Brau Beviale fair in Nuremberg, Germany as an exhibitor, with the aim to present our products to foreign customers and open new opportunities for cooperation. Our participation in the fair was co-financed by the European Union as a part of project MARKETING.