Beer tanks are a revolutionary solution in the distribution and sale of draught beer. They allow breweries to get their product to the end consumer in the quality in which it was produced. They minimize quality losses due to transportation, storage and connecting to the beer line at the point of sale.

The heart of the entire system is a welded pressure vessel – tank fitted with armatures for connecting the filling and discharging piping, air piping and a manhole with a cover. The tank is installed at the customer’s facility (in the restaurant, beer hall, etc.), usually in a refrigerated cellar or box; where no refrigerated room is available, double-jacket cooled tanks may be applied.

With the system applied, the route of beer from the producer to the consumer is as follows:

  • The beer is filled into a tank truck in the brewery.
  • The tank truck brings it to a restaurant where beer tanks are installed in appropriate area and connected to the internal beverage distribution piping.
  • The beer is pumped from the tank truck to a tank, usually equipped with the “bag-in-tank” system.
  • Air is pumped between the tank wall and the bag, forcing the beer into the dispensing tower, and via the tap into the serving glass.

The main advantage of this solution is that the beer does not come in contact with air or any other gases and therefore does not go stale.

LUKR CZ offers a complete service in the area of tank technologies.
Our team of experienced specialists shall take care of everything, from manufacturing the product in our own plant to its installation and potential servicing.

Our offer of tanks


  • 250 l
  • 500 l
  • 1000 l


  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • brass
  • wood
  • painted
  • foil with print

Jacket system

  • single-jacket (to be installed in a refrigerated cabinet in the cellar or a glass box inside the restaurant)
  • double-jacket – refrigerated (to be installed inside the restaurant)