Beer bags

The draft beer tank system provides a remarkable advantage by preventing the beer from coming into contact with air or other gases, thereby preserving its freshness and flavor. This is made possible through the utilization of disposable beer bags, which are inserted into the tank prior to filling it with beer from the transportation tank. This system is commonly known as the “bag-in-tank” approach.

To offer a tank system complete with all the necessary accessories, we have developed our own production of beer bags. These bags are constructed by welding multiple layers of plastic films that exhibit resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures within the beer tanks. Through a specialized insertion method, the bag automatically expands itself upon placement inside the tank during the beer filling process. Once the bag is filled with beer in the tank, pressure is applied using an air compressor, which introduces air between the tank wall and the bag. This enables the beer to be propelled through the beer lines and all the way to the tap.

Our offer of beer bags

  • vertical
  • horizontal
  • featuring “Beer drive” neck
  • featuring “Duotank” neck
  • custom-made according to customer’s specifications

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