The greatest advantage of the tank system of drawing beer is that the beer does not come in contact with air or any other gases and therefore does not go stale and remains fresh. This is achieved by using disposable beer bags inserted into the tank before pumping the beer from the tank truck. This system is usually referred to as ‘bag-in-tank’.

We have developed our own production of beer bags in order to be able to offer the tank system in its entirety.

The bags are welded from several layers of plastic foil that is resistant to extreme temperature and pressure values occurring in the beer tank. Thanks to a special method of insertion, the bag unfolds automatically inside the tank during its filling with beer. Once the bag inside the tank is full of beer, pressure is applied to it using an air compressor that pumps air between the wall of the tank and the bag, and the beer is thus forced all the way through the line to the tap.

Our offer of beer bags

  • vertical
  • horizontal
  • featuring “Beer drive” neck
  • featuring “Duotank” neck
  • tailored to the customer’s specifications