The cleanliness of the beverage distribution system in the restaurant (so-called beer lines) and the serving glass is a crucial factor for the quality of the beer served.

Therefore, LUKR CZ has started its own cleaning and sanitizing agents for beer gastronomy.



is a unique detergent for beer glass. It easily removes deposits, traces of lipstick, grease, etc. When rinsed by clean water, the glass remains sparkling clean without any drops drying on it. The detergent, as a matter of course, does not interfere with beer foam. When used, it does not prevent the beer from foam circling.

0,5 kg
1 kg
3 kg



is a certified top quality detergent – concentrate for cleaning and sanitation of beer lines. This powerful, not-foaming liquid has been developed in cooperation with the chemists and hygienists of the Health Institute and fully complies with the strictest requirements on beer line cleanliness posed by the restaurateurs.

1 kg
5 kg
30 kg